Chart Fart Art ™ Classic – “Fireballs in the Uterus”

It’s time for another flatus hiatus…

You’ve come to know Chart Fart Art™ – Here’s another medical malapropism from the Chart Farts® collection that we’ve made into a comic… This one happens to be one of the most oft-repeated chart farts® by patients and their families (just after “gouch”, “chicken pops”, and “cadillacs”). “Fireballs in the uterus” is not only said very often, but it also occasionally appears on ER triage sheets… Some have mentioned the “Fireballs in the Eucharist” quote, but I haven’t heard this one first hand… yet.

OB-GYN humor - fireballs in uterus

As I reflect on “fireballs”, I think… man… that’s gotta hurt. Especially in the uterus. So, to make myself think of more pleasant thoughts, I’m toying with the idea for a new medical musical group… how about “Flaming Placentas”?

… No. Too soon.

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