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GiggleMed.com is the online leader in medical humor. There’s something for every sector of the health care industry – doctors, nurses, EMS personnel, pharmacists, secretaries, transcriptionists, technicians, administrators, pharmaceutical reps, residents, interns, and students. We are all bogged down with more regulation, mounds of documentation, reams and reams of forms to complete, and less and less time with patients. Many of us are frustrated, burned out, and questioning our places in the healthcare matrix. Well don’t fret… (: medicine is fun again :)™ 

Here are some of GiggleMed’s sites and services… 

Medical Bloopers Galore – Chart Farts®

Medical errors aren’t supposed to be funny. But there is a funny side to medical charting errors – they are called “chart farts®”. A chart fart™ is a medical blooper of diction. Chart farts ® may come from patients or their families mispronouncing medical terms or from actual health care professionals who write, dictate, or transcribe these medical malapropisms in hospital charts. We have thousands…

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Are you stressed about Joint Commission? 

Compliance, Standards, and Tracers! Oh My!… Let’s face it. Preparing for and experiencing TJC visits can be quite stressful. And those tracers for JCAHO can be like bamboo under the fingernails. You can help your colleagues and staff unwind when the Joint Commission survey is all over with funny stuff from GiggleMed’s JCAHOfun.com

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Need a Funny Gift Idea for Someone in Health Care?

Check out the hilarious collection of gift products from GiggleMed.com’s Store. Many topics are covered – telemetry and EKG, JCAHO, charting funnies and bloopers, catheters, infectious diseases, hospital food, and much more. You thought you’ve seen it all, but designs like Throckmorton’s sign, Got Foley?, and Ask Me About My Rash might make you do a double-take. And if those don’t tickle your fancy, then there are always the classic GiggleMed designs that put this site on the map – Asystole is a Stable Rhythm™, WWJD – What Would JCAHO Do?, What’s a Little C. diff Shared Among Friends?, and Ablation Slows a Beating Heart™. Great humor gifts for all occasions. 

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Free Funnies

Check out the free section. You can download funny applications for your handheld device. Sign up to receive weekly emails from our Chart Farts® collection. Or use an official HIPAA Police, HIPAA Compliant fax cover sheet for your inter-office communication. Free from GiggleMed.com. No gimmicks. No hassles. No catch.

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