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Twas The 1st Call In July

GiggleMed.com’s medical humor bedtime story about the first night on-call for new interns in July. ‘Twas The First Call In July captures the stress, the stall tactics, the fears, the angst, and the humor of the arrival of the new interns. The perfect gift for nurses, new medical school graduates, interns, hospital administrators, and attending physicians. This book takes “Christmas in July” to a whole new level.


Bugs on Scrubs

Bugs on Scrubs is a hilarious 68-page medical humor text with some evidence-based infection control strategies. It is set as an argument between a nurse and a doctor about who is spreading infection – and an interesting, all-too-familiar twist at the end.


JCAHO is Coming !

Your Joint Commission survey doesn’t have to be that bug-eyed, red-faced, caffeine-fest that it is. You can use the subtle, tasteful humor that JCAHO is Coming! brings to:

  • Enhance and strengthen your leadership position.
  • Make your coworker’s day right at a moment that they are thinking about walking out.
  • Unwind before a meeting.
  • Laugh with your coworkers when the survey is over.
  • Pull out JCAHO is Coming! for a humorous break in the middle of a long meeting.
  • Have your hospital CEO read JCAHO is Coming! at the next hospital holiday party. 

Are You My Doctor?!


All of these people coming into your room and no one knows anything. This little book is all about a patient's quest to finally meet his doctor.



The Art of Accreditation 

You've heard of The Art of War by Sun Tzu...

Now the wisdom of the ancients is applied to the folly of the present day hospital accreditation process in The Art of Accreditation.

Full of wisdom and packed with humor that members of the healthcare industry will love, the Art of Accreditation captures the stress surrounding the accreditation visit.  And, it offers remedies and strategies for its preparation.  Joint Commission visits will never be the same.


Chart Farts - Volumes 1-4 

Hilarious collection of real-life medical chart bloopers and malapropisms. Each chart fart is set to its own art work and/or comic rendition.

The perfect books to have in the break room or on your coffee table. Great gifts for physicians, nurses, medical coders, therapists, and techs.



Everything Good About Joint Commission Visits

There's always a lot of stress surrounding visits by the Joint Commission. Hospitals get turned upside-down - stress, concern, sometimes even anger and fear. Although the accreditation process is necessary, our reactions to it are often absurd. Instead of all of the hoopla, make someone smile with this blank book.

Yep. Blank. Totally blank. A complete listing of all that is good about Joint Commission visits - blank.


Hello Agency Nurse

Hello Agency Nurse is a hilarious 28-page, full-color nursing humor text that pokes fun at that all-too-common phrase, “I’m Agency”. The story is written like those simple, “See Jane run”-type books… but instead is all about an agency nurse’s shift in a hospital. Funny stuff and a perfect gift.