Chart Fart Art ™ – Who Needs Lasix? Not This Lady…

The response to our Chart Farts ® collection has not abated… (and we love it, keep it comin’).

This time we take a look at an ultra-important diagnosis from a metrics, CMS reimbursement, and readmission rate perspective… and that is congestive heart failure. You would think that with so much attention put to documenting what we do with CHF patients, that there would be very few Chart Farts® associated with it. Actually, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Here’s the latest…

 Her CHF got much better with diaphoresis

Again… our malapropisms all come from real hospital or office charts or are uttered by healthcare professionals or patients. We have thousands and each day that list is growing thanks to the sheer number of fans out there, like you, who send them in.


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