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It’s time for a mid-month dose of hospital chart bloopers… Here’s another set of medical malapropisms for you snicker about. Chart Farts® (: real stuff. real charts :)

  • I cannot say this with one thousand percent supremacy
  • She has not had any suicidal ideation, yet has prayed that Gold may just take her.
  • Check abd XRay Fat & Upright
  • For low sodium, he will be kept on fluid restriction. He is also on IV hydration. Therefore, he will be kept on fluid restriction and diuretics
  • Eurosepsis
  • She goes for an annual left breast lumpectomy
  • Chief complaint: Overpornation
  • Chief complaint: Dating anatomy
  • COPD exasperation
  • Prostatic mitral valve
  • Review of Systems is notable for partial hospitalization
  • Tridil stopped because of chest pain
  • Order: please DC pt home after dinner paperwork is in chart
  • Protein-pump inhibitors
  • Diabetes type II treated with metformin and hypercholesterolemia
  • Multivitamins coronary artery disease
  • Non-sustained cardiac awareness
  • Reakness
  • In response to a question about foreign travel: I’ve been to Florida and Las Vegas
  • No ambulation because the site is on a cocktail of drips
  • Antiphylaxis with cephalosporins
  • Amarosis fungus R eye
  • Chief Complaint: swallowed ear
  • OD – took 40 bills 

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