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As you already know, Chart Farts® are medical chart bloopers (or medical malapropisms) where someone means to say, write, or type something else, but the end result has its own funny meaning. There are lots of ways for you to go through the thousands of Chart Farts® available from… there’s a Chart Farts® email list, a Chart Farts® web page, several articles, Chart Farts® Twitter posts (tweets), and even Chart Farts® shirts, mugs, and gifts.

Every so often, this blog will post some of the most recent funny charting errors submitted, as well as, revisiting some of the classics from the Chart Farts® collection. Here are some for this November. Enjoy:

  • Left mane disease
  • She’s a COPDer with a significant tabasco history
  • She had postop decomposition
  • Right floor pain
  • Sputum culture: moderate growth normal vaginal flora
  • Admission diagnosis: EtOH Plan: sobriety
  • Slightly calcified unit
  • History of A-fib, new onset
  • Cranial nodes intact
  • Admission diagnosis: suicidal Plan: creative alternatives in am
  • Upon examination of the hospitalist, the patient was nauseous
  • The patient tolerated the procedure well and left the operating room in good position.
  • Allergies: a few
  • Allergies: KNDA
  • Pukomyst
  • His moth has carcinoma
  • ingestion heart failure
  • CPAPnea
  • SocHx: likes to go howling with his friends

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