Doctors’ Favorite TV Shows By Specialty

I was thinking... then, I got to wondering... What would some of my favorite shows as a kid have looked like through the eyes of a specialist? I mean, everywhere I look I feel like I'm seeing medical disorders... so, what do the specialists see? 

Dukes of Biohazard ID
Butts Happening GI
Flabby Days Bariatrics, Endo
Nosie and the Pussycats Allergists
Stuperman ICU, Toxicology, Addiction med, Anesthesia
Pooperman GI
PeeMan & the Masters of the Universe Urology
Fatman (and Shoppin') Bariatrics, Endo
C*A*S*H All
99232 Billing

Got some more to add to the list? Post them in the comments below...


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