EHR Use Skyrockets With Use of Healthcare Super Heroes?

EHR Use Skyrockets With the Use of Memorable Heroes of Healthcare

You want real healthcare reform? How about making subjects like anatomy, physiology, hematology, and pharmacology fun and memorable?… like this EHR did with the first in a line of Healthcare Heroes.

Do you realize how easy it is to remember what Basophil Man does? I mean… all you have to do is remember his super powers and kablammo… you remember the physiology.

And it’s cake to remember the battles of Lymph Man and Atypical Lymph Man… Atypical Lymph Man is like the Bizarro of the Healthcare Industry.

And, how conscious would we all be of infection if hospital gowns included Band Man Under-roos for anyone with a Foley or a central line?


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