Fun Word Surgery – Wordgery (TM) Part 1

Wordgery™ Fun-To-Perform Surgery on Words 

wordgery: a process or procedure whereby a letter, portion of a word, or portion of a phrase is intentionally altered to reveal a new, often humorous, word or phrase. 

  • Igoraphobia – a fear of lab assistants
  • Hypopension – underpaid
  • Hyperpension – overpaid
  • Hyperpensive crisis – thinking too much
  • Ascetic acid – recreational substance popularized in the ’60’s by those seeking a higher state
  • Zenzyme – substances within all living things that account for their interconnectedness – referred to by Master Yoda as “The Force”.
  • Acrocentric – the tendency for orthopedic and osteopathic physicians to relate every medical condition to bones and joints
  • Pension Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – overworked and underpaid

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