Funny Medical Orders Added To Our Chart Farts® Collection

As you know from all of the other references on this site and at, a chart fart is a medical blooper written or said or entered into a computer by doctors, nurses, techs, patients, etc.

Well, when I was first called about this medical chart blooper, I laughed out loud (real LOL, not just texting it or tweeting it). The attending covering this patient noticed that an intern had written “EKG after each BM” in the admission orders.

I asked him for a copy of it and before receiving the copy, I posted it on Twitter. And as usual, I made a snide comment after it in parentheses. I said “If you really want to tick off the nurses, order that with some kayaxelate”.

Well, here’s the original order…

 funny medical order for the nurses written by an intern

… complete with the kayaxelate order… Doh! 


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