Funny (Real) Doctors’ Names

Funny Doctor Names and Specialty Jokes

OK. I’ve been compiling a list of funny doctors’ names. Yesterday I asked the help of some of my tweeps (friends on Twitter), so the list grew. The list is divided into three: (1) Interesting or kinda cool, (2) Specialty-name matches that are either funny or scary (especially those damn urologists), and (3) The No-Comment List. I have about 7 more that belong on the No-Comment List of Doctor names, but are way too far over the edge for me to post. 

1 – Interesting or Kinda Cool Doctors’ names: 

  • Dr. Doctor
  • Dr. Payne (there are lots of these)
  • Dr. Blood
  • Dr. Ricketts
  • Dr. Stump
  • Dr. Croke
  • Dr. Killie
  • Dr. Poke 

2 – Funny specialty-name matches that are either funny or scary: 

  • Dr. Love (cardiologist)
  • Dr. Schpritz (urologist)
  • Dr. Di(ana) Mort (oncologist)
  • Dr. Plack (cardiologist)
  • Dr. Slaughter (surgeon)
  • Dr. Zipper (urologist)
  • Dr. Moorkath (cardiologist… it’s all about the procedures, baby)
  • Dr. Klutz (surgeon)
  • Dr. Fingers (gynecologist)
  • Dr. Richard Chopp (urologist… don’t believe me? click the link)
  • Dr. Blinder (ophthalmologist)
  • Dr. Nudelman (urologist)
  • Dr. Butt (gastroenterologist)
  • Dr. Redwood (urologist… no, not a veterinary urologist… get your mind outta the gutter) 

3 – The No-Comment Doctors’ Names List: 

  • Dr. Young-Hyman
  • Dr. Fatterpaker

Funny medical jokes

Thanks again for all of your contributions. Here’s an article from American Medical News with some names I didn’t list and with more info about Dr. Richard Chopp’s marketing efforts. Dr. Chopp, if you happen to read this, I’d love to interview you for our GiggleMed Medical Humor Blog readers.


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