Weird Ultrasound Video – Make Up A Funny Title

Ok, there aren’t many words for this one… just weird. Check it out…

Here are some possible titles for this funny ultrasound video:

  • Water Breaks, Baby Hydroplanes
  • NASCAR Babies Make Daddy Proud
  • Who Needs Air Bags When You’ve Got Mom’s Placenta?
  • World’s Youngest Mario Kart Player
  • Maybe This Explains Mommy’s Gas
  • Amniotic Fluid As An Alternative Fuel Source
  • So, Where Does The Seat Belt Go?
  • All The More Reason To Wear A Helmet
  • That OB Doc Better Get Here Fast
  • Gotta Go, Gotta Go, Gotta Go!
  • Rare Incontinence Mechanism Caught On Video
  • When Kegel Exercises Are Rendered Useless
  • Thought of more? Post them in the comments below…

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