Hand Washing Humor – Typhoid Mary is Vindicated [pic]

Typhoid Mary, we miss you. Well, not really… we just miss the fact that there was only one of you. These days we have a whole fleet. (And no, I’m not talkin’ enema, here. I’m not sure why GiggleMed readers always revert to middle school humor, but c’mon… I’m trying to be serious here.) If you thought Typhoid Mary had issues, check out C. diff Clarice.

It’s time to spice up your infection control campaign with humor. One of two things is happening for you: (A) Your hand washing numbers are still in the toilet, or (B) You are having awesome success. If your numbers are in the toilet, what you’re trying isn’t working. Try humor. And if your numbers are awesome, it undoubtedly came with some effort – so show a little appreciation to the people in the trenches.

In short, show them this:

Hand Washing Humor - Funny Sign for Infection Control Campaigns

Feel free to use this image in your talks and presentations (as long as you include the attribution to GiggleMed.com). Just right click on the image & choose “Save As…” (PC) or “Save Image As…” (Mac).

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