iPod Medical Humor – What’s In Your iVee?

Here’s the latest in the iHealth iPod Parody Series. The most recent iPod medical humor graphics put out there were iShock and iAGRA… now, we give you iVee…

In addition to trying to con you into buying some medical humor buttons, shirts, mugs, hats, etc with these iHealth designs, we’re also trying to build some anticipation of our release of a free iPhone/iPod app… a funny one of course.

iPod Meds Nursing Humor

We’ve added a ton of iHealth eCards for you to send to new grads, dads, or, of course, if you just wanna make someone laugh. Here’s a video that explains how to get to and use the eCards. They’re completely free and they’re completely awesome. We’ve added a bunch more since this video was made, so go look for yourself. 


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