iPod Pharma Parody – You Love Gadgets You Hate Pills

After the HUGE response to the last AED/CPR Awareness Week blog post (the iShock), here’s one to really make you smile. Pharma and Apple Working Together?

In the last post, I raised the question of what would it look like if Apple teamed up with Google Health and Microsoft Health Vault… and Guidant, Johnson & Johnson, Boston Scientific… and the Red Cross… and your GPS system? Now, let’s throw Big Pharma in there.

So, here’s the latest in GiggleMed’s iHealth Humor Series… iAGRA (More to come the rest of the week… new iHealth/iPod possibilities… with a funny twist, of course.

The one drawback to this novel device, of course, would be that it’s not safe for dual bath tubs… But there’s still some funny stuff to get.

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