Med School Interview – 21 Things You Should Never Say

  • When will I be able to write myself prescriptions?
  • I found the MCATs to be easier and easier each time I took them.
  • Who will drive us home if we are too tired post-call?
  • Paternalism is ready for a comeback.
  • Under what circumstances can I call in sick?
  • What are the minimum requirements for me to graduate?
  • To be honest, I just want drug rep pens.
  • That’s what nurses are for.
  • When will we cover generating multiple streams of income with cross-referrals and owning our own diagnostic equipment?
  • I love the smell of [insert body fluid here] in the morning.
  • Have they started making Cliffs Notes for medical texts yet?
  • I don’t have a problem with being on-call, but every so often I’ll have to check in with my parole officer.
  • Of course, after med school and residency, they’ll have to have insurance.
  • DNR… doesn’t that stand for “Do Not Respond?”
  • Does the 80-hour limit apply to med students yet?
  • How often is lunch provided?
  • The voices told me that this is the place that all would be fulfilled.
  • My favorite blogs are and Med School Hell.
  • In addition to being a shaman, I am working on a book that exposes the perils of the Western
    Health-Industrial Complex.
  • Antibiotics. Antivirals. Antifungals. Anti-this. Anti-that. When are we going to live in harmony with these bugs?
  • It wasn’t really drug-dealing… Let’s just say that I was self-employed.

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