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Hospital chart bloopers (with my under-the-breath side-comments in italics) – it’s time for another dose… Worth revisiting some from prior posts. All of these funny medical malapropisms come from real hospital charts. Not ideal, but true… Chart Farts® (: real stuff. real charts :)

  • Chief complaint: stomach blotting (I don’t know what you’re complaining about… there are times where blotting may be appropriate.)
  • Order: Check Billy Reuben (Well, where the heck is he?!)
  • Chief complaint: Possible infected rig (If you’re calling it a “rig”, it’s probably infected.)
  • Cronnies disease (Much higher incidence in hospital administrators, by the way.)
  • Regurgitated heart valves (The most unique party trick I’ve seen in years.)
  • R groin hermitoma (No hermit crabs jokes, please… this is a family blog.)
  • Allergies: PCN & aspirin – Meds at home: NPH insulin & aspirin (Let me guess… reason for admission: anaphylaxis.)
  • The patient has a long history of smoking. He smoked at least one pack of pulmonary embolisms per day. (Livin’ on the edge… flirting with death.)
  • She has a decreased appetite with increased food intake. (OMG! I do too!)
  • Afib – likely secondary to tachycardia
  • ID recommendations were to preoperatively administer prophylactic antibiotics to protect the hospital from hospital-acquired organisms (Freudian slips from Risk Management.)
  • Nurse to husband of a patient with respiratory distress: Do you want Dr Smith to impregnate your wife? (Ummm… no. But how about if Dr Smith intubates my wife.)
  • Mr. H complains of PND and a non-productive couch (Couch potatoes all across the country are relieved to discover that their lack of productivity actually comes from the couch, itself.

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