Medical Humor Gets Serious (sort of) In GiggleMed Interview

A healthcare marketing firm interviewing a medical humor blog? What could go wrong? Actually, nothing… it might hold some of the keys for healthcare reform… or not. Check it out.

You’ll laugh… you’ll cry… it’s better than Cats.

Click on the link: GiggleMed Interview with Talstone Marketing

Or click on the screenshot graphic:

Medical Humor Gets Serious Interview with GiggleMed

If you happen to be looking for a marketing team for your practice, your institution, your healthcare organization, or your health-related business, I really recommend you look into the Talstone Group. They’re completely awesome… if you’re looking for anything from strategic planning to branding to patient education to target market research and analysis, then BOOYAH… Talstone Group (I’m not sure how the marketing-types will like my “BOOYAH”, but they’re the real deal.)

By the way, they didn’t ask me to endorse their group at all… Well, come to think of it… maybe their marketing is so powerful, they took control of my mind and actually made me want to say something good about them…

Here’s the link to the interview again: GiggleMed Interview with Talstone Marketing

And, here are some links to their stuff:


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