Possible Names for Medical Musical Groups – Part 1

What if some popular musicians went to medical school or nursing school? First of all, they would’ve made a lot less money and would’ve had a lot less debt starting out. But that’s beside the point. The real question is… how would a health care background have changed their stage names?

  • Public Enema
  • Grateful Full Codes
  • Pee Dribbly
  • Joan Urojet
  • Counting Colace
  • LL Stool J
  • Hemmie and the Colectomies
  • 50 Cent CoPay
  • Rage Against the Administrators
  • Nine Inch Needles 

A tad cheesy, but we have plenty more coming out in Part 2. Got some of your own? Post a comment below (no patient identifiers, no copyrighted material, and we can do with it whatever we want). Or, just let us know your favorite. Post a comment now.


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