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We're midway through another month... so here are some more funny charting errors for you giggle about. Chart Farts® (: real stuff. real charts :)

  • This patient would be a good candidate to be killed in PT
  • Allergies: Cinglair
  • Code was called for patient being found acystic
  • Patient gets dilutional on Paxil
  • He was told to have a heart attack in 1984. Subsequently he was treated with some pills for about a month or two by his family doctor.
  • RN note: Large BM noted, Stage 2 stool noted left cheek
  • blindness and depression in the left eye
  • Order: Patient may go off floor to linen sale with sitter
  • Allergies: statins - severe leg crap
  • V tabulation
  • Admission diagnosis: hyperglycemia, peeing over 5 minutes
  • Please remove Foley at 6am. Notify urology if patient has not voided in 6 months.
  • heroic vomiting
  • parentinitis
  • Chief complaint: kidney attack
  • I immediately assisted the patient while lying supine on the floor
  • high caliber stool
  • He has 2 brothers who are hospital healthy
  • surgery for very close veins
  • chest pain, but only when he walks in Wal-Mart 

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