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It’s that time of month again… Let me rephrase that… Here’s another set of funny charting errors for you laugh about. Chart Farts® (: real stuff. real charts :)

  • Indication for a CT: hypothesis
  • Hispanic disorder has been stable here in the hospital.
  • Admission weight = 832 lbs, Today’s weight = 81 Kg
  • S/P condroversion
  • Anti-stranded double DNA
  • XRay report: Findings were compatible with the patient’s nurse
  • Admission weight: 109 Kg Today’s weight: 11 Kg
  • I know all about that alcohol, my father and my brother had the DDTs
  • ER Chief Complaint: sterilization
  • Mental status improved after discontinuing the sitter
  • Chief complaint: Can’t hold water
  • Prior arrest for sectional misconduct
  • Fly-like symptoms
  • Patient unable to sing
  • I’m afraid to die of beeties.
  • History of stool in his blood
  • ROS: See patient for full details
  • Would prefer Rocephin instead of cannolones
  • Mediastentitis
  • Integrilin drip for the next 3 months
  • horniated disk
  • trichomorass
  • She is actually hacking the secretions from her throat mainly
  • ICU Intern note: flesh pulmonary edema 

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