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It’s time for a mid-month dose of hospital chart bloopers… Here’s another set of funny medical malapropisms for you. Can you control your urine? Chart Farts® (: real stuff. real charts :)

  • Psychiatric Admission Diagnosis: Screamer
  • He demonstrated a 9 kilogram weight loss with corresponding diuresis
  • Patient sees his urologist for prosthetic enlargement
  • a trail of morphine
  • Admission Diagnosis: Diagnosis needed
  • LE tenderness was solicitable by palpation
  • Hx of lung fibroids
  • Pain under left breath
  • Estimated RV pressure 335mmHg
  • Angina with prior myocardial infarction s/p myocardial infarction
  • Medicine consult: I will be happy to follow the patient with you on my service.
  • Nutrition note: Pt eating 0-100% of renal diet.
  • intermittent heart beat
  • History of high cholesterol 6 months for which he takes once a day cholesterol.
  • He is followed by a GERD doctor.
  • This is a 54 YO white African American
  • Nephrology recommended dietary restriction of urine protein and creatinine. 

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