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Medical humor has a new face. has not only changed it’s look, but also the many ways to reach you. The main site is now in blog format, so you can get all of your favorite health care humor, nursing jokes, and doctor funnies in many different ways…

Because of the blog format, you can subscribe to the RSS feeds to bring the laughter directly to you. Just click on the RSS button in the upper left, on top of the side bar. You can pick up the latest posts in your favorite reader or even on your home page.

The blog format also gives you better organization and an easier time navigating to your favorite content. Browse by link title in the menu bar across the top. Or choose the category you want in the left side bar. Or even use the tag cloud to choose posts by keyword.

There’s also a ton of GiggleMed original medical humor available in social media formats, such as Ning, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, and Squidoo.

You can still get all of your favorite health care humor gifts for doctors, nurses, EMS personnel, pharmacists, secretaries, transcriptionists, technicians, administrators, pharmaceutical reps, residents, interns, and students – all available at the GiggleMed Medical Humor Store.

There are lots of hilarious videos and even songs coming soon – all within the health care theme.

And of course, there’s GiggleMed’s most popular material – medical malapropisms – Chart Farts®. These are medical bloopers either said aloud or written in hospital/office charts. We have thousands of originals and you can get them in multiple formats – via Twitter, on Squidoo, in the blog posts, or directly to your email.

Please feel free to add to our funny medical lists and to add captions to our humorous pictures and imaging. Just post a comment in the comments section below each post.


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