Puffy the Respiratory Therapist – Holiday Medical Humor Song

OK… Time for a little holiday humor.

This time, though, we’re going to poke funny at our respiratory therapy friends… especially those who still, ironically, smoke. If that’s you, take this song as motivation to quit.

“Puffy the RT” is a GiggleMed original put to the “tune” of Frosty the Snowman. You will notice “tune” is in quotes. That’s simply because of my mad skills in singing. I had to channel my inner South Philly.

If any of you have singing skills or think it would be funny to sing this song as a group… make a video and send it our way. (But if you use these lyrics, you must give attribution to GiggleMed.com with something like “Lyrics by GiggleMed.com” or “Inspired by the Lyrics from GiggleMed.com”.)

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