9 Signs That Your Hospital Is In Financial Trouble

Lots of people are facing hard financial times. And while everyone is reporting depressing news of layoffs and bankruptcies, I wanted to touch on some news that’s a little more practical (and funny). If you work in a hospital – nurses, techs, doctors, interns, administrators, NPs, PAs, etc – you should be aware of these “9 Signs that the Hospital is in Financial Trouble“. If you see anyone of these bad boys going on at your workplace, start looking for another job.

  • Rent-a-catheter program
  • The nurse and the physician ask for their portion of the bill each day.
  • Discount on surgery in exchange for semi-permanent tattoo – “Like my CABG? Call 1-800-
  • We-Cath1″
  • When patients bring medicines to the hospital, the pills are collected, counted, and added to the hospital formulary.
  • The 64-slice CT scanner is operated by a technician and Vinny, the “billing supervisor”.
  • Triage includes collecting your bank routing number in addition to your insurance information.
  • Napkins provided with your meals have logos of various local fast food places.
  • Passing by the cafeteria, you note that they are washing the plastic utensils and styrofoam cups.
  • Patient lunches are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. 

Got some of your own signs to add to this funny list? Post a comment below (no patient identifiers, no copyrighted material, and we can do with it whatever we want). Or, just let us know your favorite. Post a comment now.


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