Throckmorton on the iPhone? Yikes!

Just when you thought you heard of everything… GiggleMed goes and puts a Throckmorton app out there for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

 Virtual Throckmorton Sign - Funny Free iPhone App

For those of you in the dark on Throckmorton’s Sign, it is a somewhat fictitious radiographic sign that clinically astute radiologists use in determining the highest yield portion of a radiology image to focus on.

Here’s how it works… You’re reading an Xray or a CT or something… so far it’s pretty unremarkable. But then you notice… the male organ (yes, the one of spam filter fame) is pointing toward one side. Logically then, if something is pointing there… well, you look over there.

Throckmorton’s Sign says that whichever side the Spam Filter Organ is pointing towards, that’s the side of the lesion.

Well, thinking that’s a little unfair, GiggleMed decided to even the playing field and make this important radiographic sign available for use in all patients… male and female… and in all studies… whether the bottom half of the body is imaged or not.

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So here it is: the iThrock radiology humor application – available free on iTunes.

Also, check out the hilarious iHealth Humor gifts in GiggleMed’s Medical Humor Gift Store… and of course, there’s a Throckmorton section too.

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