‘Twas The First Call In July

Funny Medical Humor Book About Interns and Nurses In July’s medical humor bedtime story about the first night on-call for new interns in July. ‘Twas The First Call In July captures the stress, the stall tactics, the fears, the angst, and the humor of the arrival of the new interns. The perfect gift for nurses, new medical school graduates, interns, hospital administrators, and attending physicians. This book takes “Christmas in July” to a whole new level. Get this funny medical humor book now…

Bugs on Scrubs

Bugs on Scrubs is a hilarious 68-page medical humor text with some evidence-based infection control strategies. It is set as an argument between a nurse and a doctor about who is spreading infection – and an interesting, all-too-familiar twist at the end. Get it now at the pre-ISBN, pre-real-publication price of only $12. Just click I want Bugs on Scrubs.

new infection control humor book - Bugs on Scrubs

Giggle Med’s Health Care Humor Gifts

Need a gift for your friend or colleague who has everything? Make them laugh with hilarious medical humor shirts, hats, mugs, buttons, bags, and more. Perfect for nurses, doctors, EMTs, residents, and students. Their work can be quite stressful as it is, so give them something to smile about. Browse our medical humor gift shop now…

You will find funny shirts and gifts in various health care themes:

  • Heart rhythm humor
  • Catheter fun
  • Infectious disease parody
  • Joint Commission jokes
  • …and more

JCAHO is Coming! – TJC Humor Book

Your Joint Commission survey doesn’t have to be that bug-eyed, red-faced, caffeine-fest that it is. You can use the subtle, tasteful humor that JCAHO is Coming! brings to:

  • Enhance and strengthen your leadership position.
  • Make your coworker’s day right at a moment that they are thinking about walking out.
  • Unwind before a meeting.
  • Laugh with your coworkers when the survey is over.
  • Pull out JCAHO is Coming! for a humorous break in the middle of a long meeting.
  • Have your hospital CEO read JCAHO is Coming! at the next hospital holiday party. 
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Other Joint Commission Humor Gifts

Funny Joint Commission Gifts and Humor Shirts

Do you know someone that could easily be classified as a Joint Commission stress-ball? Relieve their tension with hilarious TJC humor shirts, hats, mugs, buttons, bags, and more. Perfect for nurses, doctors, administrators, managers, and anyone else totally stressed out by the anticipation of TJC visits. Browse our JCAHO humor gift shop now…

Shirts and gifts with TJC jokes and funnies:

  • JCAHO is a 4-Letter Word
  • WWJD – What Would JCAHO Do?
  • Who Accredits JCAHO?
  • Smiley TJC Pain Scales
  • …and more

Nursing Humor Book: Hello Agency Nurse

new nursing humor book - Hello Agency Nurse

Hello Agency Nurse is a hilarious 28-page, full-color nursing humor text that pokes fun at that all-too-common phrase, “I’m Agency”. The story is written like those simple, “See Jane run”-type books… but instead is all about an agency nurse’s shift in a hospital. Funny stuff and a perfect gift. Just click I love nursing humor – Send me Hello Agency Nurse.


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