Funny Hospital Cartoon – The Doctor Explains the Reality of the 1st 20 Minutes


The scary part about this medical humor cartoon is that someone really said it to a patient. It was a joke, of course… but it was entirely true, too.

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Colonoscopy – It’s Time for the Annual Running of the Bowels

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month. And you know what? Let’s look at that name a little closer… “Colon Cancer Awareness Month”. It’s not very catchy. In fact, it’s a little frightening.

Don’t we want people to actually show up for their colonoscopy screening? Don’t we want them to actually take their colonoscopy prep as directed? (their “Go-Profusely”) Well, let’s rename the month. Check out this colonoscopy comic… much more memorable, but perhaps only slightly less scary – It’s time for the Annual Running of the Bowels. (Please spare us your middle school tendencies… No Poop-lona, Spain jokes, please)

Colon Cancer Awareness - Funny Comic for Colonoscopy Reminders

Feel free to use this image in your talks and presentations (as long as you include the attribution to Just right click on the image & choose “Save As…” (PC) or “Save Image As…” (Mac)

Check out these hilarious colonoscopy humor...

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Funny Glaucoma Specialist β€œJoint” Venture

With the way reimbursement is going and the trend with lots of physician practices being consumed by local health systems, it’s only a matter of time until some of the remaining outliers find creative ways to keep their practices afloat… like say, this guy… Check out this funny “joint” venture comic.
Funny Medical Humor Comic - Glaucoma Referral Patterns

For you opportunists out there, this might be a good time to open a snack shop next to your practice. Maybe you could work some sort of Medical Marijuana Munchies Combo Deal.

This joint venture comic was used with permission from

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Hospital Hallway Funnies – Overheard and Out of Context Humor

Check out these latest Hospital Hallway Funnies – from our collection of overheard and out of context conversations from our fellow healthcare professionals. Read some of these and you’ll begin to think professional should be in quotes.

We have collected hundreds of such quotes… specifically, quotes heard in the hospital that, without context, could be quite humorous. Here’s a recent sample from @GiggleMed Twitter posts:

Medical Humor on Twitter - Hospital Hallway Funnies

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Joint Commission Comics – WWJD Series – Fire Safety

What do you expect when your job is all about putting out other peoples’ fires?
Hospital humor & TJC comics

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Hilarious Medical Cartoon Teaches Parasite Life Cycles

As healthcare reimbursement plummets, as malpractice lawyers gain more air time, and as the healthcare industry becomes hyper-regulated, it should come as no surprise that we may need to make our profession a little more interesting and even fun, to get qualified applicants. Medical education, nursing schools, and science classes may need to insert more humor into our education.

Enter Captain Higgins (from

He’s is the coolest parasite ever… hands down.

Medical Comics about Parasites

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Funny Pharma Commercial Spoof – Asplavadin

OK… Here’s a funny take on pharma marketing with a fake commercial video about a combination drug from “Eli Willy”. Check out the hilarious tag line:

Asplavadin – If you’re not bleeding from somewhere, you should probably take another.

This was sent in by a colleague. Comment here or go to his YouTube Channel and comment there (and tell him to make more videos) :)

If you have some medical humor of your own, send it our way. ( funnystuff [at] )

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Hospital Chart Humor – Documentile Dysfunction

This is what you get when someone who is poor at taking histories meets a poor historian. Funnies from the medical record.

Medical Chart Humor - Poor Historians

Personally, I like the part about the chest pain being in his elbow.

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Funny Hospital Signs – Demerol Free Zone

Funny Hospital Sign - Demerol Free Zone

Saw this sign in a hospital hallway, just outside the ER.

Demerol-Free Zone… not to be confused with Free Demerol Zone.

Naturally, I turned around and left.

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Medical Cartoons – Finding Pneumo

Medical humor cartoons and comics - Finding Pneumo

Medical educators update their materials to mirror the familiar educational videos of childhood for the current student:

  • Finding Pneumo
  • Blue’s Wheezes
  • Dora the Practionora
  • Mickey’s Observation Unit
  • Curious George and the Cirrhotic Man
  • Ten Patients About to Drop – Time Management from Dr. Suess
  • Beauty and the Yeast
  • Conflict resolution with Bert and Ernie
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