Medical News Humor? – Newly Discovered Earthquake Mechanism

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water…

I thought this was a pretty good recovery on the part of the news program… just go with it… you make a blooper, laugh about it. (Obviously you wouldn’t if anyone were hurt, but there were no damages from this earthquake… fortunately).

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Nursing Humor – “I Don’t Know… I’m Agency”

A while back, I posted a funny nursing humor book – Hello Agency Nurse. I know I’m going to ruffle a few feathers with this one, but oh, well.

new nursing humor book - Hello Agency Nurse

This 28-page, full-color nursing humor text that pokes fun at that all-too-common excuse, “I’m Agency”. The story is written like those simple, “See Jane run”-type books… but instead is all about an agency nurse’s shift in a hospital. Funny stuff and a perfect gift. Just click I love nursing humor – Check out Hello Agency Nurse here.

 ==> Buy Hello Agency Nurse <==

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Your Picture Next To “Guaiac” In The Dictionary?

Dude… not how I’d want to be remembered…

I was looking up “hemoccult stool” in Google Images for my next blog post, and this guy was on page 2.

Doctor Humor - Dude you're famous now

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Medical Humor – Is Male-Pattern Baldness Infectious?

Sure… call me strange… but when I was perusing the latest issue of ACP Hospitalist, I came across a photo from a recent IDSA Conference.

IDSA (Infectious Disease Society of America), of course, is a well-respected organization of healthcare professionals devoted to patient care, education, research, public health, and prevention relating to infectious diseases.

Well, I wondered as I looked at the audience in this photo…

What’s up with all of the baldness and receding hairlines in the ID crowd?

 Infectious disease jokes - Is male-pattern baldness infectious?

(Not that there’s anything wrong with that…)

PS – I blurred out the faces because nothing screams “LAWSUIT!” more than bunch of angry, bald doctors.

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Infectious Disease Jokes – A Virus Walks Into A Bar

Science humor and infectious disease jokes… for some of these you’ll just groan. For others, if you laugh at them, you are never permitted to refer to anyone else as a “geek” or a “nerd” again. And if you like this video, you’ll love GiggleMed’s new book, “Bugs on Scrubs” – a great holiday gift for geeks like you – especially if they work in healthcare.

Not nearly as corny as some of the jokes above… Bugs on Scrubs is the new medical humor book about a knock-down, drag-out, open-up-a-can argument between a nurse and a doctor… It’s a great gift idea and it’s only 10 bucks. Get it now. Just click on this book:

Funny infection control humor book - Bugs on Scrubs

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Medical Education By Making Things Fun? Can We Do This With Foleys?

Can we do this with Foleys?

I sincerely believe that we can make education fun for patients and for medical professionals to improve learning and compliance. Nursing competencies, docs adhering to hospital policies, students retaining medical knowledge, and patients taking their meds… Let’s make all of that stuff fun. will be releasing an ultra-fun medical humor book about infection in the next couple of weeks.

If you have an idea to make learning new behaviors fun, check out Fun Theory… They have a contest open until December 15th.

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Funny Medical Music Parody – I’m At A Code

As if July being just around the corner and preparations for new interns weren’t enough… check out this video. It’s a whole new generation running your codes folks… a whole new generation.

Found this medical humor video on YouTube (thanks @thecarotidpulse):

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Gas Man – Funny Medical Music Parody

Another hilarious healthcare music parody video from our friends, the Laryngospasms.

Go to their site here: Laryngospasms.

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Doctor Jokes – Doctors of Destiny #03

Funny stuff from GiggleMed’s medical comics series – Doctors of Destiny.

We all know some people who begin to look like their pets, or couples who begin to look like each other as they get older. Well, we’ve posed the question, “What if doctors began to resemble their very own area of expertise.”

Heart Doctor Jokes and Funnies

Check out those tufts of hair… and that RCA on his nose. Man… I just wanna stent that thing… don’t you.

Here’s a link to the other Doctors of Destiny Comics up to this point… More funny medical comics coming your way.

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Foley Humor for Decreasing Catheter-Related Infection

It’s a shameless plug, but hey, this is my blog…

The fact is, medical humor can be a valuable tool in your hospital Quality Improvement initiatives. This “Got Foley?” medical humor sign reminds staff about the importance of prompt removal of Foley catheters to decrease the likelihood of catheter-associated infection. And it does so in a fun way…

Check it out:

Although there are some great gifts at the GiggleMed store, you’re completely pathetic if you’re considering these bad boys for Mothers Day or Fathers Day… I want no part of it. 

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