Medical Humor Gets Serious (sort of) In GiggleMed Interview

A healthcare marketing firm interviewing a medical humor blog? What could go wrong? Actually, nothing… it might hold some of the keys for healthcare reform… or not. Check it out.

You’ll laugh… you’ll cry… it’s better than Cats.

Click on the link: GiggleMed Interview with Talstone Marketing

Or click on the screenshot graphic:

Medical Humor Gets Serious Interview with GiggleMed

If you happen to be looking for a marketing team for your practice, your institution, your healthcare organization, or your health-related business, I really recommend you look into the Talstone Group. They’re completely awesome… if you’re looking for anything from strategic planning to branding to patient education to target market research and analysis, then BOOYAH… Talstone Group (I’m not sure how the marketing-types will like my “BOOYAH”, but they’re the real deal.)

By the way, they didn’t ask me to endorse their group at all…...

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iPod Pharma Parody – You Love Gadgets You Hate Pills

After the HUGE response to the last AED/CPR Awareness Week blog post (the iShock), here’s one to really make you smile. Pharma and Apple Working Together?

In the last post, I raised the question of what would it look like if Apple teamed up with Google Health and Microsoft Health Vault… and Guidant, Johnson & Johnson, Boston Scientific… and the Red Cross… and your GPS system? Now, let’s throw Big Pharma in there.

So, here’s the latest in GiggleMed’s iHealth Humor Series… iAGRA (More to come the rest of the week… new iHealth/iPod possibilities… with a funny twist, of course.

The one drawback to this novel device, of course, would be that it’s not safe for dual bath tubs… But there’s still some funny stuff to get.

Click here for iPod Medical Humor Gifts for dads n grads

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AED-CPR Week’s Shocking Start – Funny AED-iPod Medical Parody

AED/CPR Awareness Week is the first week in June. That’s this week. So, I’ve been thinkin’ (yeah… scary…)

What would it look like if Apple teamed up with Google Health and Microsoft Health Vault… and Guidant, Johnson & Johnson, Boston Scientific… and the Red Cross… and your GPS system? (Can’t we just all get along?) Could you imagine the possibilities?

I mean, if you ignore the death of privacy and the possibility of lawyers performing keyword searches through medical records (iSue), it would be pretty cool.

So, in honor of the possibilities, has chosen to release it’s iHealth Humor Series during AED-CPR Awareness Week. All week, we’ll show you new iHealth/iPod possibilities… with parody and humor, of course.

ACLS Humor & iPod Parody for CPR-AED Week

If you teach ACLS or work in the ER or as an EMT, you’ll love the fact that these hilarious medical humor designs are available on all kinds of gifts… gifts for...

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NurseHog Day – The Humor and Pain of Nurses Week

Look… There is no NurseHog Day. No matter which day you wake up in Nurses Week… you only have six weeks left until the new interns arrive. So, enjoy those cheesy gifts… for the next 6 weeks anyway.

(Oh, and just for the record… I want to apologize to all of you who experienced my intern year. I am a much better doctor now, I swear.)Nurses Week Humor Faces Painful Reality - NurseHog Day

A serious reminder to patients out there… Interns are real doctors with a ton of knowledge. They are learning how to apply that knowledge, so it’s a little clumsy sometimes. Be patient and give them feedback.

A serious reminder to interns out there… “I don’t know but I’ll find out” is a good phrase to learn.

A serious reminder to nurses out there… Interns are not the enemy. Administrators are…just kidding

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National Nurses Week – Gifts You Shouldn’t Give

Next week is National Nurses Week.  Now I hope you’re prepared… Many of you will see some horrendous  “gifts” given by hospitals to the nursing staff.  To preempt these Nurses Week gift atrocities, here is a list of gifts you really should never give to a nurse on Nurses Week… actually, ever:

1 – An engraved bed pan

2 – Breath mints packaged in cute little specimen cups

3 – An ink stamper that reads: “Verbal order. Repeated and read back.”

4 – A coffee mug for the nurse’s station that reads: “JCAHO Schmayko”

5 – A coupon for free biohazzard tattoos

6 – The unveiling of yet another form for nurses to fill out “to make things easier”

7 – Buttons that read: “Doctor’s Little Helper”

Post some real-life ridiculous gifts you’ve seen in the comments below.

Watch for awesome freebies coming on Monday, May 4th for you to give away to your...

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Ninja H1N1 Tactics – “High-Knee” Swine Fu

You will be as happy as a pig in mud to know up front what this post is NOT going to be… It will not have jokes about BMI or obesity. There will be no mention of police officers… no talk of bringing home the bacon. Even if swine flew, I would have nothing to say about government spending or the fat cats on Wall Street. You can wait until the mad cows come home and there will be no mention of mast cells with heparin… and certainly no talk of an Aporkalypse.

So, here’s my public service announcement: Don’t panic… although the pig is out of the bag, so to speak, have you ever stopped to wonder what would happen if we did a news media play-by-play of the spread of any normal flu season? I bet it would be pretty scary. A play-by-play in sports is exciting… in infectious disease news it’s frightening.

Anyway, I really hesitated to post this swine flu comic in case it does become worse than most of us in healthcare think it will be. The...

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Just Asking… Who Washes the Hand Gel Dispensers?

Hospital Hand Gel Humor - Just Asking

If everyone in hospitals is supposed to use hand gel sanitizer, well then, that means that everyone in the hospital is touching the tops of these things…everyone… Not only that, everyone when their hands are their dirtiest, most soiled, and most infectious. So who washes the top of these bad boys? Hilarious Infection Control Humor Gifts

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The New “COPD”

OK, this isn’t a very long post… and it’s certainly not a usual GiggleMed-style medical humor post.

Instead, let’s call it a proposal. In light of all of the patients I have seen in the hospital with “shortness of breath” as their primary presenting symptom, I think it’s time for a new diagnosis… a new disorder… a new classification.

I really think doing so will help with complex Joint Commission issues, throughput, ER overcrowding, coding confusion and more. It will help admitting physicians, ER attendings, EMTs, and interns and residents.

So, here’s my proposal:

“COPD” should now stand for “Congestive Obstructive Pneumonia Disease”

This will allow ER doctors and admitting physicians to prescribe the “Shortness of Breath Shot Gun” with no qualms at all… no need for elaborate, detailed histories… a quick, selective “physical exam” will be all that is needed....

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Funny McDonald’s Parody – New Medical Humor Video

I don’t eat there often, but this most recent trip to McDonalds with my family was not without humor. My wife came prepared with green leafy vegetables and tomatoes… and me?… well I came prepared with a Flip Mino HD video camera and some pens.

Here’s the result…

Tony Below-Knee is a GiggleMed character whose name is derived from the GiggleMed authors’ favorite medical chart malapropism (chart fart)… “Baloney amputation”. Tony Below-Knee is a puppet made from a sock. His name is “Tony”, thus the voice.

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More Chart Farts ® – Funny Medical Malapropisms

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It’s time for a mid-month dose of hospital chart bloopers… Here’s another set of funny medical malapropisms for you. Can you control your urine? Chart Farts® (: real stuff. real charts :)

  • Psychiatric Admission Diagnosis: Screamer
  • He demonstrated a 9 kilogram weight loss with corresponding diuresis
  • Patient sees his urologist for prosthetic enlargement
  • a trail of morphine
  • Admission Diagnosis: Diagnosis needed
  • LE tenderness was solicitable by palpation
  • Hx of lung fibroids
  • Pain under left breath
  • Estimated RV pressure 335mmHg
  • Angina with prior myocardial infarction s/p myocardial infarction
  • Medicine consult: I will be happy to follow the patient with you on my service.
  • Nutrition note: Pt eating 0-100% of renal diet.
  • intermittent heart beat
  • History of high cholesterol 6 months for which he takes once a day cholesterol.
  • He is followed by a GERD doctor.
  • This is a 54 YO white African American
  • Nephrology recommended dietary restriction of urine protein and...
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