Hilarious Medical Humor Music Video – Breathe

Our friend Doug is bringing up the bass in this Laryngospasms classic… Breathe

Your favorite songs will never be the same… never.

If you don’t have the Laryngospasms’ CDs, you’re missing out. And if you’re planning an event for the healthcare community, you should invite them for a live performance. Go to their site here: Laryngospasms.

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Even More Medical Chart Funnies and Bloopers – Chart Farts®

Chart Farts® are funny medical chart errors - unintentional medical humor

Hospital chart bloopers (with my under-the-breath side-comments in italics) – it’s time for another dose… Worth revisiting some from prior posts. All of these funny medical malapropisms come from real hospital charts. Not ideal, but true… Chart Farts® (: real stuff. real charts :)

  • Chief complaint: stomach blotting (I don’t know what you’re complaining about… there are times where blotting may be appropriate.)
  • Order: Check Billy Reuben (Well, where the heck is he?!)
  • Chief complaint: Possible infected rig (If you’re calling it a “rig”, it’s probably infected.)
  • Cronnies disease (Much higher incidence in hospital administrators, by the way.)
  • Regurgitated heart valves (The most unique party trick I’ve seen in years.)
  • R groin hermitoma (No hermit crabs jokes, please… this is a family blog.)
  • Allergies: PCN & aspirin – Meds at home: NPH insulin & aspirin (Let me guess…...
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Medical Education Humor: When All-Nighters Go Too Far

Nurses, doctors, techs… really all of us in healthcare have had our late nights studying. In med school, it was not uncommon to string together a few all-nighters. I could see something like this emerging at the end of one of those strings…

Cellular mitosis demonstrated on donuts

Umm, yeah… I’ll have two anaphase… uh… one late prophase… and, oh! does the telophase count as one or two?

The original artwork comes from a 2005 photo series by Kevin Van Aelst. And for you quacks who didn’t study… this is a model of cellular mitosis.

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Nursing Jokes – From the Call Bell 02

Nursing Comic: Call Bell Jokes and Reading Cosmo

Check out the “From the Call Bell” magnet at the GiggleMed medical humor gift store

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Doctors’ Handwriting – A Funny Workbook

Doctors’ handwriting is no laughing matter.

Being a doctor myself, I decided to take healthcare reform into my own hands. Here is step number one… a handwriting course for physicians.

By the way, try to ignore the subliminal messages embedded in this workbook. Those darn administrators and Joint Commissioners always slip stuff in there… don’t they?Medical Humor Reforms Healthcare With A Penmanship Course For Docs

Download it here: 

==> Handwriting for Doctors – A Funny Workbook <==

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Hilarious Pharma Spoof Video – Paracetamoxyfrusebendroneomycin

Hilarious video… the only thing missing is a catchy trade name. With a short, simple & catchy trade name Big Pharma make it easy for us (and patients) to remember the trade name, but never the generic (Paracetamoxyfrusebendroneomycin).

I like the fact that Paracetamoxyfrusebendroneomycin can be taken in multiple routes.  I’ve always wondered about some sort of mega-suppository… we could call it the “Protocol Pellet”.  Every discipline and hospital service line could have its own per-rectal bolus of meds – psych, ortho, open heart, CHF, etc.

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Stool Humor – Melena Ball Gift Candies Smell Yummy

I mean… would you be offended?

Let’s say you bring in some candy to the office… I open up the nice, beautiful tin you brought it in, only to find this (see the picture below). So, I offer some to a friend… “Ed, would you like a melena ball?”

To your credit, though… they smell just fine… uh… certainly as fine as a melena ball could smell.

Stool Jokes in the Workplace - Only in Healthcare

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Hospital Hallway Funnies – Medical Humor, But Not On Purpose

If you’re not following @GiggleMed on Twitter, you are missing out on a series of hilarious medical humor tweets – Hospital Hallway Funnies.

It all started with a committee meeting when I heard another physician say, “As far as I’m concerned, the doctors shouldn’t have to do anything.” I wrote that statement down and put it on my desk…

I have since collected hundreds of quotes… specifically, quotes heard in the hospital that, without context, could be quite humorous. Here’s a recent sample from my Twitter posts:

Hospital Humor on Twitter - Hallway Funnies

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Walk It Off

We're going to turn off your pacer and see how far you can run

If I ever tell a patient to “walk it off”, I’m very likely to be sued. However, if the Little League coach does it, it’s perfectly normal.

What’s worse… people are more compliant with the coach’s advice.

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Funnies From the Medical Literature

Medical Humor from the Classics

OK… The medical literature is too rich with (unintentional) humor, that I can’t help but start a series about it. Medical Literature Classics – some funny things from our glorious past.

This one happens to come from DeGowin & DeGowin, 1977… which is actually not that long ago.

Do you know of some funny stuff from past medical literature? Share it. ==> Tell me about a funny reference from the literature and get a free medical humor report <==

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