Nurse Clip Art to Serve as the Endocrine Poster Child?

How many endocrine disorders to you see represented in this nurse clip art?How many endocrine disorders to you see represented in this nurse clip art?

This is not a GiggleMed image. And it’s probably not meant to be funny.

You know that phenomenon of looking at someone and secretly wondering about their medical disorders just based on looking at them? We all do it and we rarely talk about it. It’s not really appropriate to bring it up outside of the health care setting.

Well, the same thing happened the other day when this clip art image was posted on a NPO sign outside of a patient’s hospital room. One endocrine disorder immediately jumped out, but on closer inspection, there are several. You can see the answer here, on this Endocrine Humor – Poster Child graphic.

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Embarrassing Physician Assistant Story

The following is a story submitted to GiggleMed’s Embarrassing Stories:

(East Coast, US) I’m a Physician Assistant for an open heart surgery program. I am primarily responsible for the workups before people go to the OR. As part of the workups, I have to check patients’ teeth before they have valve surgery – since bad teeth and gums can become a source of bacteremia. 

Anyway, because of the timing of the transfers into our hospital, it is often quite late that I have to call the oral surgeon for a consult. And he lives about 40 minutes away. 

The other night, I called him at about 6:30 PM, well after his office hours were over, for a patient with particularly disgusting teeth… They were broken, looked like they hadn’t been brushed in several months, with chunks and assorted color smudges all over them.

The oral surgeon obliged and came in that night for the consult… only to call me at around 8:00 to tell me that the guy had...

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Weird Ultrasound Video – Make Up A Funny Title

Ok, there aren’t many words for this one… just weird. Check it out…

Here are some possible titles for this funny ultrasound video:

  • Water Breaks, Baby Hydroplanes
  • NASCAR Babies Make Daddy Proud
  • Who Needs Air Bags When You’ve Got Mom’s Placenta?
  • World’s Youngest Mario Kart Player
  • Maybe This Explains Mommy’s Gas
  • Amniotic Fluid As An Alternative Fuel Source
  • So, Where Does The Seat Belt Go?
  • All The More Reason To Wear A Helmet
  • That OB Doc Better Get Here Fast
  • Gotta Go, Gotta Go, Gotta Go!
  • Rare Incontinence Mechanism Caught On Video
  • When Kegel Exercises Are Rendered Useless
  • Thought of more? Post them in the comments below…

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Med School Interview – 21 Things You Should Never Say

  • When will I be able to write myself prescriptions?
  • I found the MCATs to be easier and easier each time I took them.
  • Who will drive us home if we are too tired post-call?
  • Paternalism is ready for a comeback.
  • Under what circumstances can I call in sick?
  • What are the minimum requirements for me to graduate?
  • To be honest, I just want drug rep pens.
  • That’s what nurses are for.
  • When will we cover generating multiple streams of income with cross-referrals and owning our own diagnostic equipment?
  • I love the smell of [insert body fluid here] in the morning.
  • Have they started making Cliffs Notes for medical texts yet?
  • I don’t have a problem with being on-call, but every so often I’ll have to check in with my parole officer.
  • Of course, after med school and residency, they’ll have to have insurance.
  • DNR… doesn’t that stand for “Do Not Respond?”
  • Does the 80-hour limit apply to med students yet?
  • How often is lunch provided?
  • The voices told me that...
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MRI Reveals Source of Funny Voices

It is not often that an MRI is helpful in diagnosing or ruling out psychiatric illness, but this one sure does… 

Who the heck let that other guy in the MRI machine?!Who the heck let that other guy in the MRI machine?!

A patient comes into your office and complains of hearing voices. Before claiming it’s a hallucination, you better make sure no one is actually saying something to the patient. And if they are, for God’s sake, don’t let them follow the patient into the MRI scanner.

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When Health Care Workers Raid the Sample Closet

I’m not sure who these people are, but I am sure they either raided the drug sample closet or lost some sort of costly wager… nurses, medical secretaries, techs, and physicians who will probably one day regret posting this thing on YouTube. It’s funny, but in an I’m-embarrassed-for-them sort of way. Check it out.

Got one like this from your office or hospital? Tell us about it.

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Intra-abdominal Ewok on CT

CT scan: Intra-abdominal ewok or panda?CT scan: Intra-abdominal ewok or panda?

Is that a panda in your abdomen or are you just happy to see me?

Some people look and see it right away. Others have to stare at it for a while. Once you see it, it’s kinda cute… in a liver-on-your-head sort of way. This real CT reminds me of that ewok that had the bandage on his head in Return of the Jedi. Others think it looks like a panda.

If you see something else, post a comment below.

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Fun Word Surgery – Wordgery (TM) Part 1

Wordgery™ Fun-To-Perform Surgery on Words 

wordgery: a process or procedure whereby a letter, portion of a word, or portion of a phrase is intentionally altered to reveal a new, often humorous, word or phrase. 

  • Igoraphobia – a fear of lab assistants
  • Hypopension – underpaid
  • Hyperpension – overpaid
  • Hyperpensive crisis – thinking too much
  • Ascetic acid – recreational substance popularized in the ’60’s by those seeking a higher state
  • Zenzyme – substances within all living things that account for their interconnectedness – referred to by Master Yoda as “The Force”.
  • Acrocentric – the tendency for orthopedic and osteopathic physicians to relate every medical condition to bones and joints
  • Pension Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – overworked and underpaid

    …More to come. Vist the Wordgery section of Shop GiggleMed

    Got some of your own? Post them in the comments below… (no...

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With Medical Humor, Nothing is Sacral

Is this sacrum smiling (or straining)Is this sacrum smiling (or straining)?

Is nothing sacral anymore?… A laughing sacrum?

This image is a real slice from a patient’s CT scan. We first saw this image in the middle of a pretty hectic day. It made all of the doctors, nurse practitioners, and nurses crack up and brought the tone of a tough day back to earth.

If you have digital imaging at your hospital, you’ll see these things for sure. The spine, the pelvis, and the kidneys are great for uncovering funny facial expressions.

Of course, patient care first… but if you have any funny images, send them our way. (No patient identifying info, no copyrighted material, and we can do with it what we please – See our Terms for details.)

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Pharma Marketing Spoof – Phalcor

Check out this spoof of those ridiculous direct-to-consumer drug company ads. Some of the side effects they list are downright hilarious.

Got an idea for an ad parody yourself? Let us know… maybe we’ll be able to make it. Submit a comment below or send an email to funnystuff[at] (We have to list the @ symbol as [at] because of those damn spammers. May they all be inflicted with severe pruritis ani in important social situations.)

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