Admiral Ackbar Finally Weighs In On The Bristol Stool Chart

In the midst of an emergency it is important to break things down for easy understanding. Instead of analyzing each morsel of minutiae… sometimes we just need to say it like it is. No pontificating… no lengthy sit-downs with medical journals… no procrasterbating about what to do or what it all means… Say it like it is and make a decision.

Healthcare bears many similarities to the Star Wars saga… and the proof is in the pudding (see Types 6 and 7 below). finally caught up with Admiral Ackbar and asked him to give us his thoughts on the Bristol Stool Chart. And, well… He answered immediately… There was no constipation of thought.

Nor was there any diarrhea of words. He was succinct. He said only three.

Star Wars Parody of Admiral Ackbar Its a Crap

Other Star Wars Parody Sites:

Oh… and here’s the original “It’s a...

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More Chart Farts ® – Hospital Bloopers Galore

It’s time for a mid-month dose of hospital chart bloopers… Here’s another set of medical malapropisms for you snicker about. Chart Farts® (: real stuff. real charts :)

  • I cannot say this with one thousand percent supremacy
  • She has not had any suicidal ideation, yet has prayed that Gold may just take her.
  • Check abd XRay Fat & Upright
  • For low sodium, he will be kept on fluid restriction. He is also on IV hydration. Therefore, he will be kept on fluid restriction and diuretics
  • Eurosepsis
  • She goes for an annual left breast lumpectomy
  • Chief complaint: Overpornation
  • Chief complaint: Dating anatomy
  • COPD exasperation
  • Prostatic mitral valve
  • Review of Systems is notable for partial hospitalization
  • Tridil stopped because of chest pain
  • Order: please DC pt home after dinner paperwork is in chart
  • Protein-pump inhibitors
  • Diabetes type II treated with metformin and hypercholesterolemia
  • Multivitamins coronary artery disease
  • Non-sustained cardiac awareness
  • Reakness
  • In...
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Doctor Jokes – Doctors of Destiny #02

Some people knew what they wanted to be from the very beginning. And just like some people begin to look like their pets, we’ve run into a few doctors and healthcare die-hards who begin to look like their very own area of expertise.

Here’s number 2 in one of the newest medical humor series from – a series of doctor jokes and comics related to subspecialties… Doctors of Destiny :)

Doctor Jokes in Comics - Pulmonary Medicine Humor


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Doctor Jokes – Doctors of Destiny #01

Some people eat, sleep, and drink medicine… eat, sleep, and drink nursing… eat, sleep, and drink surgery… or whatever their healthcare field is. They seemed to know what they wanted from the very beginning.

And these people can stress you out quite a bit. If you’re about to start your internship and you are still undecided about your future… or if you’re a nurse about to finish your clinicals and enter the work force… these Obi-Wan Kenobi types can be pretty annoying. (Gotta squeeze some Star Wars references in there… how could I not?… destiny?… Star Wars day?… anyway, click the audio and think of Good ‘ol Ben).

It would be nice if we could know who these people were before they even said a word… Introducing a new medical humor series from – a series of doctor jokes and comics related to subspecialty… Doctors of Destiny :)

Doctor Jokes in Comics - Nephrology

Push it one more time… you know you...

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Funny Medical Orders Added To Our Chart Farts® Collection

As you know from all of the other references on this site and at, a chart fart is a medical blooper written or said or entered into a computer by doctors, nurses, techs, patients, etc.

Well, when I was first called about this medical chart blooper, I laughed out loud (real LOL, not just texting it or tweeting it). The attending covering this patient noticed that an intern had written “EKG after each BM” in the admission orders.

I asked him for a copy of it and before receiving the copy, I posted it on Twitter. And as usual, I made a snide comment after it in parentheses. I said “If you really want to tick off the nurses, order that with some kayaxelate”.

Well, here’s the original order…

 funny medical order for the nurses written by an intern

… complete with the kayaxelate order… Doh! 

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Nursing Home Humor… Or Not?

I received an email from a fellow GiggleMed doc saying “You won’t believe it! I just passed a sign situated right in front of a cemetery that says ‘Nursing Home Ahead'”. I promptly emailed him back saying, “Please tell me you got a picture. Please.”

Well, his wife didn’t like it too much, but he took some time away from his family vacation in Massachusetts to go back and take this picture. It’s real… no PhotoShop… no nothin’.

real nursing home humor photo

It’s proof that if you graduate last in your marketing class, you can still get a job.

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EHR Use Skyrockets With Use of Healthcare Super Heroes?

EHR Use Skyrockets With the Use of Memorable Heroes of Healthcare

You want real healthcare reform? How about making subjects like anatomy, physiology, hematology, and pharmacology fun and memorable?… like this EHR did with the first in a line of Healthcare Heroes.

Do you realize how easy it is to remember what Basophil Man does? I mean… all you have to do is remember his super powers and kablammo… you remember the physiology.

And it’s cake to remember the battles of Lymph Man and Atypical Lymph Man… Atypical Lymph Man is like the Bizarro of the Healthcare Industry.

And, how conscious would we all be of infection if hospital gowns included Band Man Under-roos for anyone with a Foley or a central line?

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Throckmorton on the iPhone? Yikes!

Just when you thought you heard of everything… GiggleMed goes and puts a Throckmorton app out there for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

 Virtual Throckmorton Sign - Funny Free iPhone App

For those of you in the dark on Throckmorton’s Sign, it is a somewhat fictitious radiographic sign that clinically astute radiologists use in determining the highest yield portion of a radiology image to focus on.

Here’s how it works… You’re reading an Xray or a CT or something… so far it’s pretty unremarkable. But then you notice… the male organ (yes, the one of spam filter fame) is pointing toward one side. Logically then, if something is pointing there… well, you look over there.

Throckmorton’s Sign says that whichever side the Spam Filter Organ is pointing towards, that’s the side of the lesion.

Well, thinking that’s a little unfair, GiggleMed decided to even the playing field and make this important radiographic sign available for use in all...

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Transplant Humor – Lunch Cooler Banned by Joint Commission?

Personally, I don’t have the guts to try this… But could you imagine the look on the Joint Commissioner’s face if they walked into the break room and saw this lunch cooler from ThinkGeek on the table?

…Priceless, me thinks.

Funny Lunch Cooler - Medical Humor

Organ Transport Lunch Cooler

This would make an awesome gift for Doctor’s Day, Nurse’s Week, or graduation from medical school, nursing school, or EMT training.

By the way, this is an affiliate link… meaning… we could earn a small commission if you click through our link to purchase this item. If you do not want this to happen, but you still want the lunch cooler, just go to directly

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