Medical Humor – Overheard in the Hospital Hallway

For those of you following @GiggleMed on Twitter, you may have noticed a new series of medical humor tweets that has emerged.

It all started with a committee meeting when I heard another physician say, “As far as I’m concerned, the doctors shouldn’t have to do anything.” I wrote that statement down and put it on my desk…

Over time, more quotes were added… specifically, quotes heard in the hospital that, without context, could be quite humorous. Well, here’s a sample of some of those hospital hallway funnies (with my comments in parentheses):

Hospital Humor - Hospital Hallway Funnies on Twitter


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25 Signs That The Hospital Food Is Not Edible – Submit a Chart Fart™

Share any medical chart funnies you’ve seen with thousands of other GiggleMed readers, and I’ll give you a gift… Once you submit an original chart fart™, you’ll be redirected to your bribe free gift… a funny medical humor PDF download about all the signs that shouldn’t eat the hospital food.

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Interesting Video… Got McBurger Hut?

Interesting Video… Got McBurger Hut?:

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A Toilet, a Family Meeting, & a Funeral

You might wonder what in the world this has to do with medical humor… but it’s too darn cute not to include.

Besides, if you think about it… toilets, kids, family meetings, death… all medically related… 

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Medical Chart Humor – Chart Farts® Video #3

I just posted a new Chart Farts® video on YouTube…

It has all of the usual (hilarious) samples from the Chart Farts® collection… but this one has a twist at the end that will cause a small subset of you will wet yourself when you see it. The rest of you will just wonder… WTF? (hint: you have to be older than 30 to get it… or have some weird fascination with watching re-runs of old, 1980s sitcoms)

In any case, the Joint Commission won’t like it…

But hey, I laugh at doctor jokes… nurses laugh at nurse jokes…

(: medicine is fun again :) 

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Chart Fart Art ™ Classic – “Fireballs in the Uterus”

It’s time for another flatus hiatus…

You’ve come to know Chart Fart Art™ – Here’s another medical malapropism from the Chart Farts® collection that we’ve made into a comic… This one happens to be one of the most oft-repeated chart farts® by patients and their families (just after “gouch”, “chicken pops”, and “cadillacs”). “Fireballs in the uterus” is not only said very often, but it also occasionally appears on ER triage sheets… Some have mentioned the “Fireballs in the Eucharist” quote, but I haven’t heard this one first hand… yet.

OB-GYN humor - fireballs in uterus

As I reflect on “fireballs”, I think… man… that’s gotta hurt. Especially in the uterus. So, to make myself think of more pleasant thoughts, I’m toying with the idea for a new medical musical group… how about “Flaming Placentas”?

… No. Too soon.

Anyway, if...

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Another Medical Humor Video – Chart Farts® Issue #2

 Medical humor comes in all forms. And we love most of it… but the funniest of all medical humor seems to be that stuff that is real, and at the same time embarrassing, yet harmless. Chart Farts® are just that…

Medical malapropisms that were really put on charts or said by health practitioners or patients… And with the exception of an occasional reader becoming incontinent, no one was hurt by the error.

Here’s Chart Farts ® Issue #2 posted on YouTube… 

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There are many ways for you to enjoy Chart Farts®

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More Chart Farts ® – Medical Malapropisms

As you already know, Chart Farts® are medical chart bloopers (or medical malapropisms) where someone means to say, write, or type something else, but the end result has its own funny meaning. There are lots of ways for you to go through the thousands of Chart Farts® available from… there’s a Chart Farts® email list, a Chart Farts® web page, several articles, Chart Farts® Twitter posts (tweets), and even Chart Farts® shirts, mugs, and gifts.

Every so often, this blog will post some of the most recent funny charting errors submitted, as well as, revisiting some of the classics from the Chart Farts® collection. Here are some for this November. Enjoy:

  • Left mane disease
  • She’s a COPDer with a significant tabasco history
  • She had postop decomposition
  • Right floor pain
  • Sputum culture: moderate growth normal vaginal flora
  • Admission diagnosis: EtOH Plan: sobriety
  • Slightly calcified unit
  • History of A-fib, new onset...
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More Medical Chart Funnies and Bloopers – Chart Farts®

 Chart Farts® are hilarious malapropisms and medical chart errors

It’s time for your mid-month dose of hospital chart bloopers (with my under-the-breath side-comments in italics)… Here’s another group of funny medical malapropisms for you. All of these are from real hospital charts. Not ideal, but true… Chart Farts® (: real stuff. real charts :)

  • Analpril 1.25mg Q8hrs (Is that for hyper-sphincter-tension?)
  • Nasal packaging
  • Nasal fungal cream
  • He lives with his finance (So… are you thinking about your patient or the stock market?)
  • Retrocele (Now in paisley!)
  • Secular aneurysm (Will need intervention from the Surgical Right)
  • She is on 93 Liters of oxygen (All of the latest hospital facilities come with wind tunnels)
  • Wingworms (Sounds like something from the Princess Bride)
  • Bypolor
  • He has recently been on both aspirin, Plavix, prednisone, and Coumadin
  • “Pain med: “”given”” Where/route: “”in room”” (Well… Thank you Nurse Sherlock)
  • Breeding ulcer (No...
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Chart Fart Art ™ – Who Needs Lasix? Not This Lady…

The response to our Chart Farts ® collection has not abated… (and we love it, keep it comin’).

This time we take a look at an ultra-important diagnosis from a metrics, CMS reimbursement, and readmission rate perspective… and that is congestive heart failure. You would think that with so much attention put to documenting what we do with CHF patients, that there would be very few Chart Farts® associated with it. Actually, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Here’s the latest…

 Her CHF got much better with diaphoresis

Again… our malapropisms all come from real hospital or office charts or are uttered by healthcare professionals or patients. We have thousands and each day that list is growing thanks to the sheer number of fans out there, like you, who send them in.

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